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Over the last decade, Farm Organics(I) Pvt. Ltd.,Pune have been researching with various organic matter to find high, fertility reviving Bio-soil conditioners which would be not only Ecofriendly but also userfriendly.

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"Greenmeal" renders greater bebefits in terms of usage and efficiency for landscapes and Golf courses, home gardening, Lawns, Resorts,Property development,Bonsais, Farm Houses etc. In contrast to chemical fertilizers which damage soil fertility as well plants on the long run, "Greenmeal" renders wholesome results in the most natural way without after effects of pollution.

Greenmeal can be used in its ready form and is not required to me mixed with other fertilizers.It is non toxic, non-synthetic composition makes it absolutely safe to use, handle and store.That's no all, "Greenmeal" is devoid of the unpleasent odour of fertilizers & organic manure making it more user friendly than most other agro products.


    • 1 KG : Rs 30/- per bag
    • 2 KG : Rs 45/- per bag
    • 5 KG : Rs 100/- per bag
    • 50 KG : Rs 545/- per bag

Biomeal ®


The main input for production of Biomeal is an organic bio-mass which is rich in enzymes, hormones,organic acids as well as proteins & organic carbon for excellence in microbial growth

Biomeal & Micro Organisms:

Organic carbon, the energy source for microbes, is vital for microbial development. Microbial population increases rapidly due to immediate availability of proteins & organic carbon from Biomeal. This helps in attaining balance of the soil-ecosystem.



    • 10 KG : Rs 150/- per bag
    • 50 KG : Rs 410/- per bag




Farmmeal ®

Root Targeted Plant growth promoting Rhizobzcteria (PGPR) based microbial product. It harbors a unique group of micro organisms with unique properties of soil fertility. Farmmeal® is ideal organic input in landscaping, homegardening etc. where ecofriendly methods and quickly visible reslts are important and often insisted upon.



  • 15KG : Rs 175/- per bag.