Welcome to FarmOrganics.

Over the last decade, Farm Organics(I) Pvt. Ltd.,Pune have been researching with various organic matter to find high, fertility reviving Bio-soil conditioners which would be not only Ecofriendly but also userfriendly.

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Partnership Program


We have created this platform for everyone to be associated with Farm Organics at all departments & levels to work for business of mutual benefits, this could be sharing of our resourses, vision, markeeting plans, new production.

We invite all people who have been associated with Farm Organics in the past irrespective of duration to be part of this vision & mission. We have provided this platform to you to grow, share, correct mistakes of past, we will consider all ur views, suggestions with the higest regards protecting our identity.

Please fill free to contact us on biovision@farmorganics.in


Our Services

  • Soil Analysis

    The analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics,including contaminants.

  • A helpful resource for expert advice.Ask an expert and get immediate help from real experts via phone or email.

  • Marketing Options

    Consultants in direct marketing, sales promotion, loyalty programs, promotional and incentive products .