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Since 1994, Farm Organics(I) Pvt. Ltd.,Pune have been researching with various organic matter to find high, fertility reviving Bio-soil conditioners which would be not only Ecofriendly but also userfriendly.

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Why Choose Us?

For Organic Cultivation & Revival of soil fertility

  • Farm Organics doesn’t stop at just Bio-soil conditioners because it’s not just the product that you are buying , nurturing the plant/crop and keeping it healthy and thriving is equally important with the end produce.
  • Improved nutrient uptake, Better plant strenght, Improved resistance to diseases, Faster root development,healthier plant growth,Improved soil structure and fertility.
  • Farm Organics is one of the leading players in the Indian organic industry. It is the only company that offers a comprehensive range of organic products and services.

Products Available

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    "Greenmeal" from Farm Organics is an ideal tonic for the soil as it contains useful micro nutrients and a combination of vitamins,enzymes and hormones necessary for healthy plant growth

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    Root Targeted Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) based Microbial Product It harbours a unique group of microorganisms with unique properties of boosting soil fertility.

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    Biomeal is rich in fungal species of phosphate solubilizing micro organisms & tolerates a wide pH range(4.5-9pH).It also works efficiently in salt affected soils.

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New Products

  • Garden Miracle

    Use garden miracle for lush green garden,full of fruits and flowers.It increases the resistance power of plant.

  • It helps to increase oxygen availability at the root level,resulting in increase white root.

  • Grow Well

    Grow Well is slow release product,hence it is active for longer time in the soil.It increases uptake of nutrient from soil